BDP[tetraphenly bispheol A diphosphate]



[Chemical Formula]C39H34O8P2



Molar mass 692.63



Determination Specification
Appearance Colourless and not turbid
APHA ≤80
Acidity(mg KOH/g) ≤0.1
Moisture wt % ≤0.1
N=1content 80-89
TPPcontent(wt. %) ≤3.0
IPPcontent(wt. %) ≤0.05
Phenol content(ppm) ≤500
Density(25°C, g/cm3) 1.260±0.010
Viscosity(40°C, mPa?s) 1800-2600

[Usage]a halogen-free bisphosphate flame retardant used in engineered resins, and its superiority is demonstrated in low volatility, excellent hydrolytic stability, and high thermal stability that can tolerate high processing temperature required for engineered resins. It is recommended for use in PC/ABS, mPPO, epoxy resins.

[packing]250kg/Drum, 1250kg/IBC, 20-30MT ISO Tank.